They gotta get back together. They're this country's greatest interracial couple for crying out loud!

I know!!!! :(


9th May


Paula Patton…

9th May
Didn’t know Paula posted my photoset. #PleaseStayTogether Paula and Robin #Patthicke4Life

Didn’t know Paula posted my photoset. #PleaseStayTogether Paula and Robin #Patthicke4Life


Can we not make Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s divorce about “Blurred Lines”, please?

There’s nothing to explicitly say that it was because of the song, please can we have some respect for their personal lives.

27th Feb


For all the tumblrites who think they know the ins and outs of Robin and Paula’s marriage, anyone ever thought that maybe Paula wasn’t some sad, powerless bystander in her life, but an adult woman with agency and power, an actress who has done nude work herself, and that their separation could be about things we nothing about?

Their 22-year relationship wasn’t a 4 minute pop song, and their separation isn’t either.


27th Feb

Robin Thicke: ” I’m Just Trying To Get Her Back” 


Robin Thicke: ” I’m Just Trying To Get Her Back”

Robin Thicke

“I’m working my way back to you girl” is the songs that comes to mind when I first saw this TMZ ambush on Robin Thicke.

Robin Thicke was arriving to Washington D.C. when a  TMZ camera man he asked Thicke if he and Paula were going to work things out? His response was rather hopeful. “I’m just trying to get her back, man,” Thicke said.

Robin goes on to say that he is just “trying to figure things…

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27th Feb
I can't believe that they're separating. I just can't. They are so perfect together. I hope this is just a time and they'll back soon. Their love can't end like this. :(

I know. I really sense that they truly love each other. Maybe its the newfound fame but I hope it’s just a little space they need. I hope they know that they have a son who needs both his parents. I mean Julian is only three. It’s so sad I didn’t even believe it a first when my mom told me : (

25th Feb


So Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are separating…

I give up. I have no faith in humanity.

Still have faith in them. I feel like they will prevail.

: (

25th Feb